Direct 2 Lender

Direct 2 Lender

Direct 2 Lender

Who they are

A specialist firm arranging finance for residential and commercial investment property including development finance and bridging loans based in London.


Historically, this financial firm business was developed by hard work and reputation for providing an excellent service and advice, and thus from a strong referral network built up over years.
Although the Managing Director has been working in finance for 32 years and that period has covered a time, when technology has changed very much and with it the methods of communication and research, he was very doubtful about social media saying:
“I am going to be honest here and admit that I was sceptical form our early discussions, about the benefits of social media and whether focusing more attention in this direction would create more business.”

Their challenge was to find new quality business opportunities on a regular basis, develop strategic partnerships and reduce time spend on business development.

Work Undertaken

  • Pre-strategy session to find out who their clients are; services they offer; a profile of their ideal, strategic partner, geographical area, length of their sales cycle and, of course, their business objectives.
  • In depth, online research to find the target audiences of strategic importance in the specific geographical area and to identify which social media platform is the most popular amongst them.
  • Translating our client’s business objectives into social media objectives and quantifying them.
  • Delivering our social media programme with a focus on just one social media platform to ensure our client’s effort is not spread too thinly and developing very concise activity plans for each individual participating in the programme.

Results achieved so far

  • Increased number of quality business opportunities by more than 13%
  • Increased number of new business by more than 10%
  • Increased revenue by more than 21%
  • Increased number of strategic partners by more than 80%
  • Reducing time spend on business development by more than 40%

“Thank you for changing our mind-set and the way we do business, and looking forward to working with Uniqua Brand even more in the future.”

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