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Kinney Green

Kinney Green

Who they are

Kinney Green are an independent firm of Chartered Surveyors and property consultants. They specialise in providing both professional, commercial and management advice to occupiers and owners across Central London.


Kinney Green have been using social media since 2011. The main reasons for using it were: increasing brand awareness and being perceived as current advisors within their Real Estate industry in London.

Their challenge was to start achieving tangible results via social media and supporting their business objectives.

Work Undertaken

  • Pre-strategy session to find out who Kinney Green clients are; services they offer; their target audiences, direct competition; and their business objectives.
  • Translating Kinney Green business strategy into social media strategy and focusing on the primary two goals: new business development and developing internal brand advocates.
  • Using the findings from the online research, informed decision was made to focus on two industries only in terms of new business development and two, most relevant to Kinney Green target audience, social media platforms were chosen.
  • SMART objectives were set in terms of getting new clients on board taking into consideration conversion rate and findings from the online research.
  • A few individuals from Kinney Green were chosen to participate in a structured social media process to enable them to engage in social media activity in a strategic way to support achievement of Kinney Green primary goals.

Results achieved so far

  • Winning 4 new clients in the first 6 months as a direct result of strategic social media activity.
  • Increased number of enquiries by more than 12% in 6 months.
  • Increased social media reach by more than 500% in 6 months.

Kinney Green continue to use social media successfully, the Uniqua Brand way, on a business and individual level and consistently keep getting better and better tangible results.

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