Law Firm

Law Firm

Law Firm

Who they are

They are a local law firm based in Leeds. They are a full service law firm providing various legal advice to both: businesses and individuals.


At that time, the firm didn’t use social media at all, not mentioning about using it as a tool to boost employee engagement. The Partners saw it as a waste of time. However, after a few meetings and conversations with them, although still quite sceptical, they decided to integrate social media into their Commercial Law Department.

Their challenge was to increase employee engagement, stimulate collaboration, and win new clients on a regular basis to increase revenue.

Work Undertaken

  • Interviews with each individual working in The Commercial Law Department to uncover the issues behind their lack of engagement.
  • Pre-strategy session to revitalise the law firm brand and re-connect each individual with the brand purpose, find out the main goals and objectives for the department and who their clients are.
  • Translating all of their objectives, both: the department ones and their individual ones into social media strategy and individual plans to help build their authentic personal brands and consequently contribute towards achieving their department objectives.
  • Specific neuroscience tools and activities were used to help each individual set their career objectives, focus on them and align them with their team objectives to facilitate collaboration, team work and healthy competition.
  • Audacious sales targets were set for the Commercial Law Department.

Results achieved in the second year of using social media

  • Increased revenue by more than 25%
  • Improved employee engagement and productivity
  • Increased collaboration that resulted in winning more clients
  • Improved cross-selling and up-selling

They continue to use social media as a versatile business tool to help them achieve their sales, HR, customer care and marketing objectives.