Who they are

Nash Mechanical Seal Services is an Engineering service company based in Bolton. They specialise in repair of very niche, high end mechanical seals for various industries including Oil & Gas, Power, Pharmaceutical and Chemical.


Nash’s aim was to identify contact details of key personnel in target prospective partners, had dialogue with them and if there was a good fit for both parties appoint new partners. Target for 2018 was to appoint up to 6 partners in Europe.

Nash had been trying to establish contact by email campaigns, visiting exhibitions, phone calls and completing contact forms on prospects’ websites. They had some successes with this approach, but progress was very slow. Until meeting with Uniqua Brand they did not try social media – the prime reason being they did not think they could reach the key contacts they wanted via social media.

However having had a meting with Uniqua Brand, they decided, although being sceptical, that they should give social media a try.

Their challenge was to find relevant companies in Europe that match their 'ideal profile', identify the key individuals within those organisations, have an initial telephone conversation and progress it to face-to-face meeting and negotiations in order to appoint them as partners.

Work Undertaken

  • Pre-strategy session to find out the ideal profile of a ‘partner’, geographical areas for targeting them, various elements of sale cycle, other relevant key stakeholders in the UK and other countries in Europe, industries of significant importance and main business objectives.
  • In depth, online research to find companies that met the criteria of the ideal ‘partner’, discover specific trends of significant importance, followed by territory mapping.
  • Taking into account Nash’s business objectives and the findings from in depth online research, very targeted social media strategy was  formulated to focus on a few specific countries in Europe to find ‘partners’, and the most relevant social media platforms were chosen.
  • SMART objectives were set in terms of getting ‘partners’ on board taking into account conversion rate and specific social media roles were establish for the individuals participating in Uniqua Brand social media programme to ensure the fastest and the easiest way to getting required results.

Results achieved so far

  • Increased number of prospects by more than 300%.
  • Appointing 6 new ‘partners’ as a direct result of strategic social media activity.

Nash Mechanical Seal Service continue to use social media successfully, the Uniqua Brand way, to look for new ‘partners’ and to communicate and build relationships with their clients and other stakeholders.

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