‘Thanks to’ the Coronavirus…

‘Thanks to’ the Coronavirus…

‘Thanks to’ the Coronavirus…

Now, more than, ever digital strategy is crucial for businesses to survive. It’s incredible to watch how our business and private life has changed in the last few weeks due to the Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic.

Wherever we go to – TV, radio, newspapers or the Internet – we are flooded by the news about the virus. In response to school closures, event cancellations, non-essential travel bans and the order to stay  and work from home to avoid human contact and slow down the spread of the virus, businesses reached out to digital tools to stay connected with their employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and to continue operating.

In the current situation digital transformation is not a choice, but necessity to survive and operate efficiently and effectively. B2B companies are realising that digital strategy is vital to mitigate against loss of sales, face-to-face meetings, networking, trade shows, conferences, etc. They will need to: start using social media to build relationships; content marketing to educate, inspire and inform their target audiences; e-mail marketing to stay in touch and SEO to improve their visibility in search engines, and do it WELL.

With many small businesses that have been sceptical and reluctant to use digital marketing tools and only 9% of B2B organisations that truly engage on social media, now it is time to make big improvements in the area of digital strategy.

Currently during this Coronavirus crisis, we can see significant surge in the use of social media and e-mail marketing by businesses and individuals to promote themselves and their services without a proper thought of how to do it best and without consideration of the social media 'currency'.

Of course, without a doubt the next few weeks or perhaps even months will be challenging for everyone and every business, in particular for those that have been sceptical and resistant to adapting digital tools in their daily operation and adopting to changes. But if those businesses start acting now to integrate digital tools of strategic importance to their organisations to stay connected, to network, to communicate, to build relationships, they will not only survive this Coronavirus pandemic, but will also be ahead of their competition.
Now, it’s the best time to show our resilience, leadership skills, agility, strategic thinking, creativity and ability to continue to do business!

So I guess I want to finish this article with a few final words…

‘Thanks to’ the Coronavirus we will:

  • be stronger
  • be more agile
  • be more creative
  • appreciate the little things in life more than ever
  • value face-to-face interaction even more
  • recognise the power of collaboration
  • realise the need to change and change often
  • value our fellow business colleagues and friend even more
  • recognise the power of sharing knowledge and expertise with others
  • be more humble and kind to each other, and

What else, you think, should be in the above list? Connect with me on LinkedIn to share your thoughts about other things that should be on the above list. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Share your thoughts about other things that should be on the above list.

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