Gallup’s research finds a staggering 85% of employees globally are being ‘checked out’, sleepwalking through the day, lacking motivation, and having very little or no concern about customers, productivity, or profit. Why such an overwhelming majority of the workplace worldwide is disengaged? Because they’re lacking a sense of being needed and a sense of safety (brain basic need!). They don’t see a purpose or a deeper meaning in their work. They have no emotional connection neither with their business leader nor with the company.

Lack of engagement is a serious threat to companies’ growth especially today, in the COVID era, as disengagement is a typical reaction to long-term stress and uncertainty. Yet what’s even worse than lack of commitment itself is, that when we’re under stress, we become dumber! We’re not able to think, to use the knowledge we already have, not to mention create innovative solutions or new ideas. We’re putting our bodies into fight-or-flight mode that literally drops down our IQ! You don’t want to have this kind of employee, do you?

Employees who were properly taken care of, on the other hand, stay engaged at work under any circumstances and are always willing to go the extra mile. They work with passion and feel a profound connection with the company. They drive innovation and move the business forward. Yet, it’s only a small margin…

How to get there? How to make your employees be a part of this highly productive and committed 15% of the workers?

By showing your people you truly care about them. By presenting them with a clear purpose and vision. By fulfilling their emotional needs. Because whether we like it or not, we’re all emotional creatures! Emotions are a fundamental part of our human condition and our motivational pull. Since neuroscience gives us access to people’s brains, we know for sure the emotional brain is 20x more powerful than the logical brain.

Meet my emotional needs and I’ll give you the support you need – that’s the essence of every social contract, including the professional one. In politics, the party that makes the strongest emotional connections wins. In business, the company that makes the strongest emotional connections – with their employees and their customers – wins. Understanding the power of emotion will give you an enormous advantage over your completion.

People are really your company’s best asset – make caring for them your priority.

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