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Social Media

Social media is here to stay! Embrace it, otherwise your business has no future. Why? Because the social media revolution not only has created a world of great choice and constant connectivity, but has also totally transformed customers’ expectations for what brands and organisations should provide. Today’s customer has high demands and expectations, seeks for social validation and peer proof, but above all, wants to truly connect and engage with real people who stand behind the brand.

Although social media is 20 years old now, and 99% of companies are active social media users, barely 12% of businesses maximize this medium’s full potential – mostly due to lacking understanding of its incredible benefits as well as essential skills to effectively navigate on different social platforms. This results in widening the gap between what customers expect to get through social media and what brands have to offer. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of companies still embodied the traditional model of one-way, push communication, with marketing department having exclusive control over all social media activities.

This approach is obsolete! Since the buying process has become highly collaborative (more than two-thirds of purchasing decisions are social network data-driven), engaging with a social customer is the only viable business strategy. If you want your organisation to survive and grow, you need to realise that social media requires not only marketing department participation, but every single employee from across your organisation. Everybody needs to actively participate in sharing your brand messages and stories with their personal networks! This is what clients are looking and demanding for!

Focusing on people, their emotions and experiences, is now considered the golden ticket. And it’s not a theoretical concept but pure neuroscience. ‘Emotional brain’ is 20 times as powerful as a logical brain and emotions are behind every purchasing decision.

People are emotional beings, craving for connecting and bonding with others.

If this is our biological need, not just a new marketing trend, then you need to get serious about social media and integrate it into the whole organisation. Only in this way will you be able to develop deep connection with customers and prospects, improve their satisfaction & loyalty, and strengthen brand reputation. This, plus increased productivity & employee engagement, will ultimately increase your profit. Remember: social media is a versatile business tool of today and tomorrow, which importance in business will only accelerate year by year.

Become a ‘social business – smart business’. Get ahead of your competition. Secure your business growth.

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