Are we acting upon our own words?

Are we acting upon our own words?

Are we acting upon our own words?

That’s one of my stories I want to share with you.

I’ve been in business for a while now, and many factors have shaped who I am now as a person and a business woman.

It was very though beginning – starting my own business with £50 to incorporate a limited company, and then just trying to figure everything out as I was going along – what I really want to specialise in within Marketing, how to package my offering to make it attractive, where & how to find new clients. So, I started to attend many networking events. I was just starting a business in a foreign country, so I couldn’t offer much to the people I was meeting, which I was very honest and direct about. Having said that, people were usually friendly, wanted to follow up with a meeting over coffee so that we could learn more about our respective businesses and, then very often there were many empty promises on their side. It was very disappointing and those people lost their credibility and trustworthiness in my eyes, but for some reason, ironically, it was making me more determined to make my business successful and be true to my own words.

Let’s just pause here for a moment and think about what we had promised our colleagues, a business partner, our client or a supplier in the last few weeks, which you didn’t do?

Even a silly thing like: “I will call you today” or “I will get back to you this week”, which is not acted upon, reflects badly on us and undermine the very foundation of our relationships.

We lose so much in the other people’s eyes and we become less and less trustworthy. Even more so, when we think that it’s OK to treat suppliers different to our clients. What does it say about our integrity?

It’s time for change! Let’s not hide under excuse of being busy anymore and let’s be true to our own words. Keeping promises have a profound impact on our own lives and the lives of others. Promises are commitments that reinforce trust. This trust is very much in demand in today’s world in order to survive and build strong business.
Let’s make an effort to act on what we say, however small or big!

On that note, I’ve just realised that I haven’t kept my promise I made to a dear colleague of mine Peter Hills. Peter is a Vistage Chair based in the North West. I joined his Vistage group three years ago. It is an amazing world-wide organisation that helps ambitious business leaders succeed in business and in life through learning & development as well as coaching and peer-to-peer learning. I had voluntarily promised Peter that I would say a ‘Thank you’, on a public forum, for having me as a member, which I never did, until now.

So, THANK YOU Peter. Thanks to you I’ve been learning a lot about: myself, how to become a better business leader and I’ve been sharpening my skills needed to succeed in business. You Peter and, my fellow group members have been helping me to become who I am today – more confident, resilient, determined and decisive.

Share your thoughts about the power of promise.

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